What can ETT® Be Used For?

Couple Therapy

Couple counseling is valuable when couples are at a significant level of disturbance and have been unable to resolve it on their own.

It is particularly important when the couple has children.

Some types of issues that this form of couple therapy can be effective for includes the following:

  • Distress about sexual affairs
  • Long-term communication impasses
  • Incompatible or unfulfilling sexuality
  • Unresolved hostile conflict that may involve physical abuse
  • Unresolved hurt, loss of affection or trust
  • Feeling excessively enmeshed, trapped, lack of independence
  • Conflicts about spiritual and/or religious issues

These and more issues can now be resolved much faster and more long-term with the new ETT approach to couple therapy.  ETT® facilitates the rapid relief of emotional distress, which is usually at the source of most couple conflicts. Respect for both parties’ experience is provided in all couple work.  Some individual work may be mixed in during the treatment as well as work with both parties present.