What can ETT® Be Used For?


What is Depression?

A depression diagnosis requires a thorough evaluation. Grief may feel like depression but is often different. Depression may be the cause or the effect of a dysfunctional marriage or family. Anxiety can produce depressive symptoms which means that the actual issue is anxiety, not depression. Illness or physical pain may be the cause or the consequence of depression. In many of these cases treatment might focus on grief, marital discord or relief of medical distress instead of depression. Correcting the cause of the problem will likely end the depressive consequences.

What are symptoms of Depression? While there are several different types of depression, common depression symptoms include sleep disorders, loss of energy, feeling worthless, diminished ability to think, recurrent thoughts of death or dying, chronic sadness or having no feelings at all.

How is depression treated? Treatment of depression is individualized by means of ETT®. Therefore, some depression can be changed within a single session while others may take as long as fifteen sessions. However, the vast majority of people are relieved within a brief series of sessions. If the symptoms for which medications were prescribed are alleviated, elimination of medication is often appropriate and should be guided by a physician. However, clients should likely continue counseling until all the medication is eliminated in order to insure long-term relief of depression.